Weeden's mini mall Location.....Booth 228   (three locations on the mall)


 This example A would provide one or two pictures at the end of each month to be up daded the first week  under 25 words is 25. to start 10. each month to maintain


Vaccum bagges and 3 belts



Under 3.00 a pair


All collors 3.50

Yorkie in a cup

Danberry colectibles 15.00

Real Toys Doll House

Two levels Quality 128.

Pillow pals

12.50 new

This example B You can have up to 25-30 items must provide end of month to change 1 st week  have 4 different lay outs for photo galleries.

25. to start 2. per. change each month under 25 words and prices. Minimum of 5. per month. Shows picture and prices


Doll house

Quality 128.00



This example C....25. to start, 1. a change up to 25-30 words. Minimum of 10. a month.

Last row one Right has a Childs section and adult ( next to the Kitchen in back of first Ile) 

  •  Real toy doll house
  • Star Trek
  • Spider-man Operation-New
  • Pirates of the Caribbean  chess set-New
  • Vintage books and Puzzles
  • 2000 Millennium Monopoly Game & Indiana Jones-New
  • Star Wars Trivia Game-New
  • Animal Pillows-new
  • TY Dollls -Large and Reg.- New
  • E-Bay Game
  • Sulffle board from the 70's like new (value over 120)  27.00
  • Noahs ark Doll Holder all wood ...25.00.



Cloths Booth is in the 1 st row.

I specialize in Vintage clothing and Hand- made Afghans


You provide by end of moth all pictures sent to my e-mail and writings... If you want me to take pictures they are 5. each and 25. an hour for the writing. Pictures must be of good quality...Mine will always be great resolution....
If ....25-30 sign up for a year..25... for a page