..... Sonshine ShihTzu 
     What is a Sonshine Shih Tzu *(she' dzoo')?

                              A Sonshine Shih Tzu is an Anne's puppy. (Anne Passed away in June 2011.)   Sonshine Shih Tzu is in upstate, New York by Syracuse....Where Anne is originally from; Sonshine Shih Tzus only raise happy, affectionate and healthy dogs. They are A.K.C. registered, from champion-lines, and we have many generation on our premises. We have all colors and sizes.

       Please consider these things when buying your new puppy… you get what you pay for.... a cheap puppy means something is missing that the best quality Shih Tzu has. The highest standards observed by professionals may be lacking which can result in health  problems. Correcting these problems could cost you  more then buying a quality Shih Tzu.

                              Why to buy a Sonshine Shih Tzu ?

      The Shih Tzu parents, we raise are vet checked. All puppies are seen by my Vet, before they go to their new homes. This way I know your receiving a fine healthy puppy. (usually at 8-10 weeks old).  Everything is kept current on parents and puppies until the day they leave our home. Health Records are given on each puppy; along with all the instruction of what vet care the puppy will still need. Most parents have been tested and checked over by my own vet. Their shots are kept current, along with worming and parasite stool testing. I take no short cuts, or spare on any puppies. Our males are all DNA tested by the American Kennel Club. This club is the number one registry and have standards that have to be followed. I am in conjunction with those standards and do much more to ensure we have the best, healthy Shih Tzus in our breeding program. (Inspected June 5, 2007)


We have been in the breeding business for over 45 years…We are PROUD of our dogs. We want you to be PROUD parents too. You get quality – not a cheap puppy, but a companion for life.   They cost more and are worth it. We will still be here for years to come. You will have a great experience with us, on your first puppy. I know you will come back for more additions, later on.  Years from now we'll still be here improving our offspring, because I want my dogs to bless you. I look forward to you being able to bless and enrich our  puppies life. They are just like my babies, I know and love everyone of them.

       When considering a companion you want to have many healthy and happy years together. Some of our dogs have lived past the average number of years (ours average 13- 19 years). If you spread your investment over those years there is only a few dollars difference. You end up with a healthy, happy and quality companion.

        "The Sonshine Shih Tzu Motto"

     I am a Shih Tzu specialist and I learned it all from the best.     ANNE'S PUPPIES started raising these puppies and Sonshine Shih Tzus will continue to bring you. Quality A.K.C., Healthy, Toy, Shih Tzus from Champion Lines. We want you to have a pet that enriches you life. I feel very blessed to be able to say, "We have a  the great reputation and 46 years of experience behind us; that it all started from my mom, Anne's Puppies. Our whole life has been dedicated to the love for the Lord and this wonderful Shih Tzu Line.

         If you have looked over the A.K.C website you will read, “When buying a puppy this is not the time to save, or look for bargains”. You pay for what you get. Please go to the A.K.C web site at www.AKC.org and read and search about the breed.   

Then check out the classified section and you will see we are the only breeder in New York State as of 11-1-04.( the classified section started then) Some times when no puppies are available we will not be on that site. When we do register our new pups we will be back again.

      Everyone brings something to a relationship…Shih Tzu will bring love, loyalty, happy playful times and many, many hours of lap warming comfort. Shih Tzu are smart, each develops their own personality. A Shih Tzu can enrich everyone's life; from the elderly to a very young child. There love make's everyone smile; that comes in contact with them. They are the number one dogs used today in therapy. Shih Tzu are the only Toy breed that is non-hyper, does not cause allergies and do not bark constantly. They are a joy to have around and will enrich you whole life.

A puppy is time consuming, but usually very enjoyable time for you and your puppy.  I can remember many moments  of bonding and learning with my Shih Tzus. Our Shih Tzu come from champion lines and only a few can sell from it.

             They get the best and you are given the best.

                 My views on Shih Tzu

When looking over the internet (figuring out what kind of site I would like to have) I made a discovery….All breeders don’t think alike.

  We all have different beliefs on feeding, training, neutering/ spaying, shot schedule, shipping, grooming and many, many other things… I really enjoyed looking and reading over everyone's web sites and putting together this one. There has been a lot of effort on everyone's part to share how wonderful this breed is.

    "The Shih Tzu is perfect just the way it is"

    The monks in Tibet spent a lot of time perfecting this breed. I want to keep those standards and qualities in every one of my Shih Tzu. We all love and treasure every moment with our companion, whether sleeping or awake. I know many would call them just a pet….However, they become more; family members and who can’t be replaced easy. These soft lovable puppies become your responsibility. They replicate the love and guidance that you give to them. Just like a child. 

I hope and pray that this helps you in your quest for the right puppy, for you and your loved ones. If you have lost in your life of another pet. You can open your heart to another puppy; he'll help heal that empty wound of a loss one. I look forward to hearing from you for many years on how you little show dog has blessed you and  everyone he/she ever meets.      

        If you already own a Shih Tzu you know how loyal, lovable and compact they already are. You can keep adding and adding to your collection of love. One is never enough once you feel the love.                     

    Our love for Shih Tzu's will never fade.  A Shih Tzu's love never fades.                                          

   I’ve always believe if you have love; share it. A Shih Tzu will  always love you.

**A small dog of a breed originally developed in Tibet, having a long thick coat, short legs, a broad head with a short square muzzle, and a tail that curls over the back.    

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