.....Shih Tzu Care
 Here is some of my 40 years of experience.....Where do I start??? 
  1. A Shih Tzu Is a short nose breed. This factor alone makes the shih Tzu's care different then all this long nose breeds.
  2. Check eyes daily...Very easy for this breed to get eye injurys or third eye lid to get infected.
  3. Shih Tzus puppies should not be given  pills at any age,  but especially not before 16 weeks. Pills should be crushed and given with a capsule or sprinkled on small amount of food. Never make it into a meatball shape. That could get caught in the shih Tzus small esophagus.
  4. Puppies need lots of sleep and safety. Up to 15-20 hours depending on age.
  5. Shih Tzu retain baby teeth, often have over crowed, usually under bitted, get tarter build up and need to be brushed or scaled regularly.
  6. Shih Tzu can be stubborn, So a constant routine of potty-training needs to be followed, but once mastered-becomes a breeze
  7. You should not breed your pet- Shih Tzu. Mother Shih Tzu  need professional help birthing. Should never be left alone on their own when pregnant. Many problems can arise and someone with experience should always be there.
  8. Shih Tzu must be kept warm core temp of 102 o.  Use a Heating pad should be used all the time in winter,
  9. Shih Tzu can catch colds easily. Antibiotics can help, but sometimes it must run it's course.
  10. Kennel Cough is cached easily and sounds horrible, but in about 2 weeks will be gone. Hardest on older dogs.
  11. Shih Tzu should not be fenced in with invisible fence, because other larger dogs can still get in and hurt or kill your little fluff ball.
  12.  Shih Tzu reverse sneezing, it looks like they are chocking or can not catch their breath. Just calm them down it will pass quickly.
  13. Shih Tzu love to be  taken outside for walks. However if not option for owner, they run around widely for 15 minutes a day, inside and get their daily exercise themselves.
  14. They love to howl which is very common in a packs and are very happy when companion comes home..
  15. Our Shih Tzu will fetch and can be easily trained for obedience and other fun activities.
  16. Start early training for leash and potty. It is worth the extra effort it takes because one they got it down they will not forget.
  17. When you buy from a dedicated breeder, who is breeding for future, you have a chance to acquire a well-bred, professionally raised puppy. Ours get socialized, use stars, look in mirrors and are given affection every day.
  18. Hair around the eyes should be pushed forward daily and sleepiness should be cleaned out. They can see, threw it. The hair helps protect the eyes from dust and banging into things. So please do not cut wishers or lashes, because it helps them protect there eyes and face.
  19.  Do not be in a hurry.  Reputable breeders do not have puppies available all the time, but our puppies will be worth the wait and can watch them grow in the nursery with weekly pictures and up dates..
  20. Shih Tzu think they can Fly- they have confidence, are usually not afraid to explore and try it out jumping off things. So when younger always keep an eye on them, because they can hurt themselves.
  21. Worms are very common and need to be done several times a year and a once year (5 way) booster. 1 st shot and worming will be done before you take a puppy home.
  22. Shih Tzu some-times need a little honey on there tongue, if they seem week or not eating. They often get low blood sugar. Ours do not have this problem, but is good to keep in mind. When needed.
  23. Take the same amount of time in finding a good .....veterinarian  I have heard so many horror stories including death. Find A veterinarian that cares about you and your puppy.  

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