A Reservation is when the puppy is still in the oven.


 The biggest reason to reserve a puppy is the savings and when demand is high and we are limited in puppies!  We will do everything we can to see you get the best. We have a strict breeding schedule and only breed healthy, affectionate parents. This ensures Sonshine Shih Tzus off-spring are healthy, loving, adorable puppies.


     Sonny & Mirror what a happy family!

Fill out the paper with your ideal puppy in mind.

      Print this off and send with Deposit


“Sonshine's Puppies are worth the Wait”

 You choose in the order your reservation was received   


How it works..... 

When Puppies are born you receive a letter telling you what to do and where to go to see the internet picture of puppies, usually one week after birth.

 YOU pick from several  pictures and will have reserved price included too. You Pick Out your New Addition…..

  • You pick in order of when the reservation was received.
  • Then half of the price of the puppy is due.
  • After you pick out your puppy : You receive a e-mail containing information and how to go to our private nursery (located on the web).
  •  I will get your contract ready for you to read and sign and e-mail that to you. Always feel free to ask questions
  •  Only others who bought pups from your; litter will be in that private nursery.
  • The nursery will contain weekly pictures and letters and information.
  • @ 6 weeks of age and  1st shot we will set up a visitation time –if you would like to visit puppy.
  • Puppy goes home  8 - 12 weeks of age . Sonshine will decide on what  is best for the puppy.
  • Final payment is due at pick-up.

     If you just want to look at pictures and pick from that is fine, you can just see what is born. Some of our reservations are pacific, so their wait maybe longer. If the puppy you want is not born you move to the next litter and will move up the list.  *Usually do not have two individuals at this time wanting the same puppy.

Don't for get to mail the paper with your reservation, so I have your contact information.


Puppies born with a Reservation: …. 1050.

  Solids…Black and Whites are always..... 1200. (limited AKC)

Puppies without a reservation are 1200.


                                                                                                         Nursery Five