Rescue Puppies   I am a concern and caring  breeder; so I  do many kinds of rescue work. Currently, we have these puppies. The donation fee goes toward their medical expenses and care. Also to help us rescue other dogs in the future or past expenses.  However, they are healthy and happy now.  We have given them vet care, shots, worming, bathed and food. 

Adoption Donation Fee is determine by the cost of care....

 None Available or Expected at this time

 Puppies are not breed or raises by us. We see they get the care they need to be healthy and happy before they go to you.

A puppy may be cute but it takes time and money to care properly for these animals.      1 st Call House- (315) 761-4091 and leave message or Cell (315) 762-5459 set up an appointment now!

       Please do not ask when as you will know , when I know. We do not have regularly only few times a year , sorry.