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       Our Shih Tzu have sweet, loving, calm, affectionate personality, a joy to have around a family or  individuals just looking for a dog to love them. Our Shih Tzu are breed to be the ultimate companion. Mother and daughter working to see you enjoy your dog for many years.

You deserve to have a companion that will bring you years of happiness.

        Sonshine Shih Tzu  and Anne's Puppies love will never fade.

     Here are dozens of reasons why to have one or two of our puppies!

              Please consider these things when buying your new puppy… You get what you pay for.... a cheap puppy means something is missing that the best quality Shih Tzu has. The highest standards observed by professionals may be lacking which can result in health  problems. Correcting these problems could cost you  more then buying a quality Shih Tzu.

     We try to keep our prices reflecting what the economy can  bare and regular, but we sometimes have sales just keep checking the site. We reserve the right to change prices with out notice.

     A.K.C., Toy, Champion line, Standard size, Runts, Parti-Colors, Solid Exotic Colors   (prices on reservation page, look @ more information)*Prices reflect local pick-up and (approximately) half price for limited registration, under 16 weeks of age.   

 Shih Tzu shipped are eligible for A.K.C. Full  Registration. The price of $ 1800. will give you showing and breeding rights to individuals not residing in New York State. 

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We register with the American Kennel Club.

The number one Registry. You should always look for A.K.C. They use D.N.A. testing. Breeders must keep accurate records and follow certain rules. I am in compliance and was inspected by A.K.C - June 5, 2007. * All of our males are D.N.A. profiled.

What is the difference between show, breed and pet quality?    

        Mostly the price….There are some Shih Tzu that are to small to breed or show.  This would be the runt of the litter, usually.

         If you just want a pet...and there will be no breeding of pet, nor any showing....limited registration is great for you, because you pay less, Yes, almost half price, but still receive the best  quality pet.

        Most of our Shih Tzu are good enough to show…Meeting  A.K.C. standards; they have a better chance to win at shows. Perfection is always hard, there are dozen of factors that make a Shih Tzu slightly different from one another. These are what Judges are looking for.  Starting of with quality gives you an even better chance of success. If you plan on breeding or showing special arrangements need to be made on an individual basis. Most of the time; the only way to receive FULL REGISTRATION is to pay full price of $ 1800. (Shipping is extra)

              Full Registration is available at an extra cost for those who need it.

   If you are a breeder or plan on showing -pricing; would be adjusted (1800.) for a full registration papers at any age.

        *** All of our puppies have a value of $ 1800.   Shipping is extra  ***Pricing can change without notice

               ~~     Breeding right are not sold to breeders in New York State   ~~

          We will sell to individuals that would like to show and/or breed. ( Talk to us, lets work out an arrangement  together)    **Breeding is limited; and is decided on an individual basis. Sonshine Shih Tzus  will want references, pictures of current canines and will conduct their own  search. Also a surrender contract will be signed and current owner will not be permitted to sell two anyone in New York State. We will sell to breeders; but only very few. One or two a year and please be prepared to be put on a waiting list. We can refuse sale any one, at anytime, until puppy is received.

  **A few times a year; I may pick a puppy that would be ideal for breeding.....It will be marked Full registration is available on this puppy..  These puppies will be 1600. or more (shipping is extra)

Always buy from a reputable breeder...breeders who care enough to take the time to find loving homes for their own puppies. Call Me (315) 761-4091.

PLEASE...NEVER, EVER BUY A PUPPY FROM A PET STORE OR INTERNET WEBSITE “FRONTS” promising to match you with that “perfect” puppy...THEY ARE THE REASON PUPPYMILLS EXIST!!!   Be sure you are able to speak with the BREEDER  of your puppy, if you can't, you are dealing with a broker!     RESPONSIBLE, REPUTABLE BREEDERS will NEVER sell their puppies to or through a pet store or broker, no matter what a pet store owner or employee may tell you.    As you have done an online search for "Breeders" also do a search for "Pet Store Puppies" and "Puppy Mills" . We urge you to educate yourselves on the heartbreaking and horrendous conditions the mothers and fathers of these puppies are forced to live in.    ...there are animal lovers and animal abusers...we all share the responsibility of eliminating the abusers.


"We do not ship out of the United States."       

-All dogs shipped are 1800.(receive FULL AKC papers are given to out of state purchasers.)** Shipping separate** 

 ~  Sonshine Shih Tzu  ~

Ships from Syracuse, New York International Airport.   

       - approximate cost to ship is 350.-450. additional

-         Most of the time puppies will be 10-12 weeks old or older.

-         Weather is assented by the airlines. They do not ship in very hot or cold days. I work with you to make some of the arrangements with airlines. 

-You have been a responsible as owner since reserved

        - Payment in Full before it leaves my home and care ( One week ahead of shipping date)

-We have sent over  dozens dogs across the U.S.A. Praise the lord there has never been one problem.

** (350.-450. extra cost) Costs include but not limited to: flight, shipping crate, micro-chipped, vet checked exclusively for flying, all puppy shots, puppy packs, blanket and extra food.

        * Puppies over 16 weeks will have all shots and worming already done. (First shot is included in price- additional shots are charged 20. each) Younger will be kept current.

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