............Shih Tzu Personality

      The Shih Tzus personality is one of the best and most interesting things about the breed . Shih Tzu have breed in them years of  entitlement. Entitlement to what?....To everything. One could also interoperate the attitude as pride. They walk  holding, themselves with the highest granger. In the show ring there beauty emanates, the crowd will awe. But the proud Shih Tzu will be at ease; knowing the aura and style they possess. Besides they are wearing royal marking and are blesses from God, with a kiss on their forehead, it shows for all to admire.  (Budda in China)


           They want, they need, they get what ever they, please. This may sound unusual if you never owned a Shih Tzu, before. However, for those who have had this little lion dog in there lives; at one time know exactly what; I mean. They are the star of the home, They bring life, joy and amusement to their home. Shih Tzus thrive on  companionship and people. They want to go everywhere with you, inspire you and to please you. They will tolerate kids, but enjoy adults especially. They can manage on their own, but would rather show of there lap warming abilities on everyone. Kisses are part of their daily route. They can get all the exercise they need in an apartment, but also love to be outside with the family.   (Property Laws says it all)


      Shih Tzu main purpose of breeding was to be a companion to everyone of all ages. Once breed to also keep the feet warm of the nobles. They can snore while sleeping and usually love to be on there back. Shih Tzu can also fold there feet directly flat behind them. This dog are very independent, trusting and agility. They look  and act like a sweet whippy dog, but are far from it.

        You can see the characteristics of their personality, by just watching them in daily activities. The pride one caries in daily walks and free play-time.  These dogs are sturdy, independent, loving, quiet, playful individuals. They becoming the center of a home; these dogs will go from lap to lap, providing intention to all ages and leaving joy from whomever, they come in contact with.


       Today, Shih Tzu are used lot in therapy, because the dog is quiet, small one can pick-up and go with the fur ball. The little lion dog  is welcomed everywhere; buy it's kind sweet face and eager to please attitude. They give back so much love, happiness and joy. Once you have a Shih Tzu; you always have one or more in your life. They are very cute especially as puppies, but please make sure your getting a well cared for dog or puppy. If not raise correctly they can develop many sociological and psychological issues. Yes, a Shih Tzu with social issues can make your life very difficult.  Many rescue dogs will have multiple problems, so be careful in adopting adults, from abusive situations.  Never leave an unfamiliar dog with a child, because they can become over protective of self or others. Did I mention they are very independent? They can be stubborn at times, because of this. However, if your consistent and patient they can become the best especial addition to a home.


     They will sleep in or on anything and can get enough exercise in an apartment. Shih Tzu are easy to train to paper, but the key is starting at a young age and being consistent. They will go potty outside , but can also be sneaky; if ignored or left alone unattended for hours. They make a good pet for individuals that work since; they are independent they can sleep and; or keep confineable till companion comes home. I have seen Shih Tzu's watch TV and change the channel from a remote. They understand 100's of words and can even understand spelling. This dog is highly intelligent and will surprise you when you least expect it. Shih Tzu are easily to motivate with treats. By using treats one can teach them many commands or tricks. I have seen a few funny videos on Utube, if you have time, can be amusing to watch for a while.


    I know this is a repeat  ... But I can't say it enough....  It is the only TOY breed that is NON- HYPER,  NON-SHEDDING,  NON-ALLERGIC and PLUS NON-YIPPY....Yes, only Toy Dog. The Shih Tzu has won my heart.. . .  I believe  SHIH TZU'S are the best. I was raised around this fur ball my whole life. I truly love and respect the breed. I know you can too. Our Shih Tzu are the most loving dogs you could ever own. I feel so happy to be following in my mother's foot-steps.

    We breed only Shih Tzu. We pride our self's on being ethical and experience breeder. Each litter is planned; to improve and be better then the last. Our dogs get the best vet care, cleaning, and home loving. It would be hard for anyone to duplicate what we do or do it  better.* I love questions, so feel free to ask me or e-mail  click doggie.

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