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If you are interested in available puppies. Please go to the welcome page and look for Shih Tzu Puppies. This is a private Nursery for individuals with a reservation or deposit on a Sonshine Shih Tzu.

 Pictures will not start until 2 weeks after birth


May be seen at 6 @weeks 4-3-15 can go home 8 weeks @4-17-15






 Suzuki- Female

Black and White




 Polaris- Female

Black and White


Puppy Pack, grooming andmicro.


 Kawasaki- Male

Black and White


Yamaha- Male

Black and White

belongs to Caroline


Bombardier-  Male

gold or liver and White

Taken -Jennifer Cenzaro

 Bullion board for:   puppies

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 Save on Puppy PacksPlease check out my store, I can save you money compared to the pet store.  

What is the Five Way Shot?If you buy the puppy pack and grooming pack for 230.

 For 30.00 more; I will include microchip- with a lifetime membership.

(Separately is 50. If anyone just wants microchip) Yes, No annual fee a life-time enrolment. This deal is unheard of.....and is not at any vets or elsewhere. I would be happy to do siblings or any dogs in your house.

At pick-up we only take cash or bank checks Made out to Laura Miller  Our Veterinarian          
Welcome   Please read over the Shih Tzu website...There is very good information on it                 

 This link is to The American Shih Tzu Club    www.shihtzu.org  

Also read over this site so you know and understand your new Shih Tzu.  

This link is to The American Shih Tzu Club- http://www.shihtzu.org/Info/colors.asp?menu=Info                                                   

Save on Puppy Packs    Great deal please check out everything you will need.          
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