...F.A.Q. About the Breeder

  Why to buy an   Anne's Puppy from Sonshine Shih Tzu ? 

       Why our Shih Tzus cost more?

       Sonshine Shih Tzu  is dedicated to seeing you get the very best. 

        We  breed to keep the Shih Tzu standards and temperament. All of our Shih Tzus have sweet, loving, cuddling personalities. Thick coat, dark eyes, short nose, rare colors, compact, loving, sweet, toy, non-shedding, non-allergic and non-barking are a few of the qualities we keep in every puppy.

        Here we have answered A.K.C. questions below & given over 32 additional reasons why "WE", give you our Best!


  1. How long has the breeder been breeding Shih Tzu?                                                                                               My mother started breading over 44 years ago and I have followed in her foot steeps. I am a Shih Tzu Specialist and I'm always happy to help others learn more about Shih Tzus.
  1. Is the breeder knowledgeable about the breed? Does he/she demonstrate a knowledge of the Standard of the Breed?

Please feel free to talk to me, I'm very knowledgeable. The website also has lots of information I have made available for all.

  1. Does he or she represent his dogs as honestly as possible and try to assist the serious novice in his understanding of the breed?

 I'm a Christian and I feel the lord had guided me, the puppies and the family's together. I have worked alot with individuals who say, "they never had a dog before". I'm very patient and will try to inform you every step of the way. That is why I have a private nursery and newsletters, so you can be prepared for your new addition. I take the extra time to see you because I don't want you to bring a puppy home unprepared; for it's needs.

  1. Is he or she involved in competition with their dogs (conformation, obedience, agility)?
    We have been there, done that and now prefer to provide quality pets, for those who want a healthy dog. We did do some obedience with our dogs last year and do 4-H with the kids.
  2. Does she/he trace health problems in the dogs he sells?
    We have breed out over the many years any bad traits, we have seen. We only raise affectionate, sweet, quiet, loving and healthy dogs. As we know there are many conditions in the breed, we find very few in our particular lines. We do not inbreed, nor breed any dogs that would produce inherited  health problems. Our puppies even come with a one year guarantee.
  3. Have the puppies been raised in the home?
    Our puppies are all hand delivered and umbilical cords are cut my me. No mater how late, I'm there. We have our whole home dedicated to raising loving Shih Tzu. They go in our shower, kitchen, sleep on our bed. We have several fenced in yards and multiple Doggie dens. Our dogs are socialized, played with daily and love everyone.
  4. Have the puppies' temperaments been evaluated and can the breeder guide you to the puppy that will best suit your lifestyle?
    We feel the the right family always gets the right dog. But, if there was any problem we would be happy to see you get the right dog for your home. I would never want a family to keep a dog they where not happy with. I'm happy to guide you to the right dog, but you have to trust my decision if you pick me as your breeder.
  5. How often is the dam bred?
    We give the mothers schedule break depending on litter size. Mother has to be fit and have all her body mass regained for us to conceder breeding her again. We usually wait 10 months or once a year. However, we use our best judgment as we want healthy puppies to be produced. Our mothers receive  a stress-free environment, the best care, food, supplements and treats.
  6. On what basis was the sire chosen?
    We study Sires strong points and each of the previous litter, he shirred. Then put the parents together that will bring out the best possible puppy. We are always trying to improve and better our puppies. There is no inbreeding and most have champion shire or linage.
  7. Are the puppy's sire and dam available for you to meet?
    Yes, They love meeting you and you will love seeing them ...We are proud of our Shih Tzus they are full of love. They are kept healthy and clean, so we can all enjoy their beauty.
  8. Where did you find out about this breed?
    My mom feel in love with this breed (1969) when it was accepted into AKC. She found the best of the breed and started raising them. So, I have been around Shih Tzu my whole life. Life would be unbearable for me without my babies. I wake to care for them and they are the last thing I do at night. I usually have a waiting list, however this year we have kept five additional dogs and have increased our home space for the dogs. Having invested in building a brand new Showcase, that will provide all your needs and the puppies.. The whole family is involved in the care of the Shih Tzus. Even my collage degrees have gone to good use with people and dogs.
  9. Will the puppy be sold with a mandatory spay/neuter contract and/or limited registration (which means that if the dog is bred, the puppies cannot be AKC registered)?
    Being a responsible breeder, I only sell limited AKC. I believe it is a good idea to sterilize your pet, however this is a decision for you and your vet. Nor do I, have the time to chase you down and confirm this is done. The government already has enough control, you need to be a responsible pet owner.
  10. Do the puppies seem healthy, with no discharge from eyes or nose, no loose stools, no foul smelling ears? Are their coats soft, full, and clean? Do they have plenty of energy when awake yet calm down easily when gently stroked?
    Come on down! Play with the puppies or reserve one and visit at 6 weeks.  All of our puppies are eating and energetic and happy. See for yourself. Just set up an appointment to come and visit. If a puppy has clear nasal discharge may be due to pinched nostrils, quite common during the teething phase. They generally open as the puppy matures. Small umbilical hernias almost always close with age.
  11. Does the breeder advise you to have the puppy checked by a veterinarian within 2 days (48 hours) of sale, with additional time allowed if the puppy is sold on a Saturday or Sunday, and provide a written agreement to refund the purchase price or take the puppy back and replace it if it is found to be unfit by a veterinarian? Has the puppy received the necessary immunizations and been checked for parasites and treated if necessary.                                                                                                                                   I follow N.Y.S. Laws: You have 14 days to go to a vet. I also give you a copy of my vets exam and statement with his finding of healthy exam- dated and signed. I also give you current shot records and inform you what the puppy still needs done.
  1. Does the breeder provide a 3-5 generation pedigree, a complete health record, and material to help you with feeding, grooming, training, and housebreaking?
    Yes, we also include the New York State Laws, Vet Certificate,  AKC Registration form, Feeding, grooming, health records, house- training, free goodies , blanket, dog, food, News Letters,, pictures, and I clearly explain everything. I also encourage you to keep in touch and let me know if you have questions or need anything.  We love hearing from you..
  2. Are there a majority of titled dogs (the initials CH, CD, etc. before or after the names) in the first two generations?
     Sonny  haves Champions with in 3 generations and are both from very good lines. Caliber and Spiral  is from a Champion linage because we have had that line for over 44 years and it produces some beautiful puppies, with great personality. Not all Champions make a better pet for home life. Personality and confirmation are two separate attributes, but try to keep the best together.
  3. Does the breeder have only 1 or at most 2 breeds of dogs and only 1 litter at a time?
    Sonshine Shih Tzus is the Shih Tzu Specialist and that is the only breed we raise. However, we do have a Golden Retriever pet we have breed in the past and plan to breed her one more time in the near future. Mothers coming into heat will threw other mothers into heat, we usually have at least two litters at a time but try to plan every other month for births. We are set up to care for more than one litter at a time. Therefore, we are use to having several litters at a time.
  4. Will the breeder be available for the life of the dog to answer any questions you might have? Is this someone you would feel comfortable asking any type of question?
    I'm In this for the long haul. We are celebrating  over 45 years this year and I hope to be her another 40. But if not my son wants to follow in my steps. So God willing we will be here for you always.
  5. Will the breeder take the dog back at any time, for any reason, if you cannot keep it?
    I have this written and signed on my contracts: I have read and understand this agreement. If I have any questions in the future, I can call for advice. I promise to care properly for this puppy. If at any time my family or I are unable to care for all the puppy’s need, I will return the puppy freely back to the breeder.
  6. Does the breeder belong to the American Shih Tzu Club and/or a local Shih Tzu club and abide by the ASTC Code of Ethics?
We are Shih Tzu Specialist        

We make sure our parents are healthy             

 We have exotic rare colors and traditional colors     

Parents are on the premises and can be seen

We will educate you and answer your questions.

We socialize our puppies

We enjoy what we do

We have repeat customers

Includes  1 st shot

Puppies are all examined by vet @ 8 weeks of age for eyes, heart, nose, ears, testis and anything else needed.



 In Business for 45 years

We want to see you get the very best

Many own more than one of our puppies

We have the same lines, but work independently.

We keep ALL shots and worming current

We love our Shih Tzus

We will make you proud parents 

We will make you aware of what your puppy is eating- LOOK AT LABEL

We work with individuals who have never owned a puppy or Shih Tzu before.

We have small sizes and standard

We share our homes with our pets              

 We see every puppy gets a complete check-up.       

We share our knowledge with our customers

We register with the number one registry AKC.

We have regular vet visits    

We have a great reputation

We enjoy giving you and your puppy; a puppy care packet- health record, toys, blanket, chews and more.

We have everything you need available on premises; when your puppy goes home to stay.

                               A Shih Tzu love will never Fade 

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