Adoption Contract- Please read: you will sign this at pick up     

Abide by N.Y.S. General Business Law Sec. 753-B.

N.Y.S. Breeders License, Inspected by A.K.C. & N.Y.S./ Pet Dealers License # 717.


Limited A.K.C. Registration -Term and Conditions for Local Adoption      Date___________________


Breeders: Laura & Jeffrey Miller   @ Sonshine Shih Tzus         Play Name    ________________________

            6893 Jug Point Road                                                        

            Durhamville, New York 13054       Home (315) 761-4091        Cell (315) 762-5459                                              



          INFORMATION ON PUPPY -This puppy is adopted as a Quality Pet


                 Mother _______________   Father______________    Puppy Born on ____________________


         Color  ______________________          Sex_______     Special markings_______________


1)      American Kennel Club Registration (A.K.C.) fees are the sole responsibility of the adoptee. Adoptee will receive limited registration.

2)      There are no guarantees on size and color (approximate guess, based on breeder experience)  Shih Tzus can get lighter or darker with age.


3)      Puppy is not intended for breeding… A.K.C. Registration the litter is not possible. If the dog is used for breeding there are no guarantees on fertility, sperm quality or litter size.


4)      Health Records are given with each Puppy. Puppies will be current on shots and worming, while @ Sonshine. Age will determine the additional shots / worming puppies will need when adopted.  Full Protection against diseases for puppies takes 3 shots within a 3-month period. Adoptee must keep current shots, worming and stool testing. If adequate records are not kept on puppy or abuse/neglect is determined the guarantee becomes VOID. If Lepo. shot is given before puppy is 8 months old we do not cover liver or kidneys as the risks out way the benefits of the shot for a Toy breed and will become VOID.


5)       *A replacement puppy guarantee will go one year from the date of contract. A licensed veterinarian (name, address, phone number, license number and best time to talk with) to be included in a written letter stating the puppy has a life threatening disease that was inherited from parents. Is needed to obtain this guarantee. Puppy must be returned to the breeder. Breeder has the right to have her own vet confirm diagnosis or require a second opinion.


7)       NO REFUNDS will be given for any Vet Bills incurred. A replacement puppy of same sex will be given. Individuals may have to wait for a litter to be born.


8)      Puppy will have to be returned to Breeder unless adoptee decides to keep puppy with this life threatening disease. Then the replacement puppy would change/to work out individually.


9)      If there is a dispute of any kind all legal actions would have to take place no more than 35 miles from breeder’s home. Madison or Oneida County only.


10)  Food directions are given: I use PRO ROYAL CANNIN. (Premium dog food)


11)  This guarantee is not transferable to any other persons except the name on the contract.


12)  Puppy was seen by my vet around 8-9 weeks of age and is guarantee to be healthy as of this date. No other guarantees, refunds or exchanges after leaving the premises.


        To the best of my knowledge this puppy is in good health and is guaranteed to be free from symptoms of contagious disease at this time of adoption. Any life threatening proven inherited problems up to one year after adoption.


                                                Breeder______________________________   Date_________________


          Not covered under guarantee:  not considered genetic hereditary or life treating:


1)       Hernias are very common- most disappear with age, some may require stitches, but should be done at spaying around 8 months of age if has  not disappearing.


2)      Pinched Nostrils, snoring, snorts, sniffles, or bubbles- if discharge is clear no cause for concern. Teething will increases symptoms. As the puppy gets older the symptoms will decrees (by 1 year old). Shih Tzu nose will correct its self: no surgery has ever been needed on our puppies.


3)      Heavy breathing or Reverse Sneezing happens when dog is excited. There will be a hacking-chocking sound. Calming puppy, soft voice and warm touch will help this to pass quickly.


4)      Double teeth- puppy teeth don’t fall out at any exact time. Some can stay in when adult grown out. Give lots of chews and wait till after one year old. I have seen them take a while to become loose because my dogs have healthy teeth.


5)      Ear infections very common usually yeast from mother licking the ears.


6)      Eye Injuries happen easily, if checked daily, we have had no problems with third eye lid, but if not cared for can become exposed, scratched, ulcers, etc., and is the responsibility of adoptee. 


7)      Males- dropped testis. Vet Checked, but can recede from environmental stimuli.


8)      Parasites and worms can be eliminated easily and can be picked up from grass, woods, flies, mosquitoes, ride home, and other dogs/cats. Not life threatening.




      I have read and understand this agreement. If I have any questions in the future I can call for advice. I promise to care properly for this puppy. If at any time my family or I are unable to care for the entire puppy’s need, I will return the puppy freely back to the breeder.





          Signed _______________________________Print____________________________



_________________________________________________________________________________________                          Street                                           City,                                          State             and   Zip


 _______________________                 ___________________________      ___________________________

E-mail                                                                                  Phone Number                         Cell


** AKC papers will be given at time of pick up (Initial- received)    ___________ or  will be mailed  (N.Y.S.Law gives- 120  days)   Date  Mailed      _______

If the puppy dies or is unfit for adoption the breeder will notify the adoptee to pick out a different puppy. If puppies are unavailable at that time you will have two choices:. Adoptee may decide to wait for new liter to be born and receive first choice on that next litter or could pick any available puppy at that time.. This is very sad and usually dose not happen often. God Bless you and your new puppy.  Please send pictures and testimonials to me. I care about you and your puppy.  You have the best – their love will never fade.