Welcome to Sonshine Shih Tzu   

Shih Tzu are part of our family

    Our Home...is  near Syracuse, New York.

Three Current Licenses: *N.Y.S.  Agricultural and Markets Law PD #00717*

 *Pure Breed License from Department of Agriculture and Markets #  PB #25499 *

*American Kennel Club Inspector; Inspected June 14, 2013   *

   My mom, Anne, has taught me the value of life. That life with out a Shih Tzu in it would be unbearable for me. I am very thankful for our relationship. Mom passed June 24, 2011

       Our dogs are treated like our children. We specialize in only one breed and our family does all the work and care.  I stay up all night and hand deliver each puppy born. I cut every umbilical- cord and supplement all care for each puppy.

       Since my mom was a breeder all my life. Shih Tzu where around always.  WE have owned these incredible lines for over 45 years.  My purpose of breeding is to make every puppy better than it's parent. Breeding out the bad and keeping strong the great qualities that make a Shih Tzu so incredible. This is what I specialize in. Finding the qualities that we like to see and fostering them in every offspring.  Here at Sonshine Shih Tzu, we want you to look in the eyes of our new companion and melt with laughter, joy and love. You will see the difference in our Shih Tzu; they have large dark eyes, small snout, great fur, exotic coloring, over 45 years of pacific breeding, healthy, energetic and hours of lap warming love. You will have your own quality dog that will empress everyone he/ she ever meets. Your Shih Tzu will become the shinning star! Everyone should have a  faithful friend; to hug, hold and cherished memory for a life time together. A Shih Tzu is loyal, and their love never fades

  I am a Shih Tzu specialist and I learned it all from the best.     ANNE'S PUPPIES started raising these puppies and Sonshine Shih Tzus will continue to bring you Quality A.K.C., Healthy, Toy, Shih Tzus from Champion Lines. We want you to have a pet that enriches you life. I feel very  blessed to be able to say, "We have a  the great reputation and 45 years of experience behind us; that it all started from my mom, Anne's Puppies. Her whole life has been dedicated to her love for the Lord and this wonderful Shih Tzu Line.

                    In the long  and short of it. The Shih Tzu won my heart.. . .  I believe  there is no other dog like a SHIH TZU.    It is the only TOY breed that is NON- HYPER. PLUS NON-SHEDDING,  NON-ALLERGIC and NON-YIPPY.                     

            My friends say , "I have a Dog Kennel in my Kitchen".  There is always a dog under our feet, in our bed, begging for a treat and even in our shower. Our dogs all have a den. Each den  has a doggie door to go in and out as they please. Puppies are caged for their safety. EVERY puppy is socialized , played with daily. They even welcome everyone who enter and leave my home. None of my dogs are shaved down to the skin. I spend many hours keeping my dogs clean and groomed. I am proud of my efforts. It takes many- many hours to see they are in tip-top shape for  all of us to enjoy their beauty and companionship.       

             Sonshine Shih Tzus are the sweetest.  There love never fades.


We also have many retired Shih Tzus that are still part of our family. Occasionally; I may have an adult that needs a home for a certain reason (look on puppy for sale page near bottom). When I rescue a dog, I will have it up for adoption only after vet care has been completed.

      I would gladly take back any Shih Tzu that needed a home. In fact, I prefer you bring our dogs back to us then any where else. So none of our dogs will end up in a pound, mill or neglected in any way. I have a surrender put into the bottom of our contracts. This surrender is done freely. We will find a good home for your pet. I get dozens of calls from  individuals just wanting someone to love.

       Shih Tzu is the only breed that I specialize in.

I check my e-mail everyday, This is the best way to contact me. Thanks  

     I'm Anne's  daughter, I usually answer all e-mail daily, so that is the best way to get in touch with me. If sending deposits please call first, so a hold can be put down on the dog of interest. We use the first call, first deposit received to hold (3-5 days max.) then confirm sale. Send me your number. I usually call in evening. 

Our love for Shih Tzus is Forever & a Shih Tzus love will never Fade.

Currently have three Licenses:

  1.  Our Home and Facilities was inspected by N.Y. State on August, 18 2013, we are in pursuant to Artical-26-A of the N.Y.S.  Agricultural and Markets Law PD#00717-  With this licensee we are authorized to operate as a pet dealer, in compliance with such law at our location. Inspector was extremely impressed by our home, dog's care and how we maintain our establishment.
  2.   Our Home and Facilities was inspected June 14, 2013, from American Kennel Club Inspector (A.K.C). We passed everything; which included: Kennel Conditions, Kennel Cleanliness, Condition of Dogs and Summary of the Inspection where all Acceptable  and/ or above their guidelines. 

  3.  Our Home and Facilities currently has N.Y.S. Pure Breed License from Department of Agriculture and Markets  is PD #25499. This license shows we only have purebred dogs at our home.

    We want you to feel secure your getting a companion from a loving, caring, inspected, clean and healthy home. To the best of my knowledge, I do not know of anyone else who has gone to the measures; we have, to insure you receive the best.

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