... Quiz / Test your knowledge of Shih Tzus

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1) Is there a color called red-liver?

2) Can a dogs nose change color after 6 months of age?

3) Can a puppy have one color at birth and a different color as an adult?

4) Is a Red dog with a small splash of white on the chest, still considered solid?

5) What is the most common Shih Tzu color?

White and Gold

6) Males are considered the more desirable sex for a pet?

7) Shih Tzu are considered the only Toy Breed Non- Allergic, Non Hyper, Non- Shedding?

8) An average Shih Tzu puppy born with white royal marking lose them?

9) Shih Tzus were breed for...


10) The A.K.C. average weight of a Shih Tzu is  ...

11) Shih Tzu where breed and are considered...

12) Shih Tzu means Lion Dog?

13) What flower do they say the Shih Tzu resembles?

14) Shih Tzu do not get along with other breeds, especially big breeds?


Let me know if you need help, God Bless. Hope you learned something new!