~ Puppy Packs ~ 

Purchased at a pet store prices would be at least double. Let me know as soon as possible, if would like to purchase one of the puppy packs, Thanks  

Only for Sonshine Shih Tzu  Adoptee

Basic Puppy Pack *..... 25.  

  • Water Bottle

  • 3 lbs of Pro Royal Cannin Puppy Food

  • Includes a free toy   


  Pampered Puppy Pack and Grooming Kit….230.   

Everything your puppy will need when your puppy comes home. Best Buy      Midwest Portable Exercise Pens (also showing Crate attachment-sold seperately)

Gold Zinc (540 Series)  or Black Exercise Pen Playpen available Height Easy to Set-up (No Tools Needed: 24"All panel sections are 24" WIDEAccessory Tops Available (sold separately) Secure Double Latch Door Access
Acri-Lock™ Acrylic Coated Gold Zinc - Provides Long Lasting Protection
Includes Ground Anchors & Corner Stabilizers
Exercise Pen / Play Pen Black or Gold Zinc Series 24x24 Mid West Available in Two Heights, Can Be Used For a Variety of Pets, Folds Flat for Convenient Storage (70.)

  • Small Crate ( Soft or hard depending on supply) (30.+)
  • Dog Bed small size  *May choose color (15.+)
  •  Starter Puppy Food (small breed)  (17.)     
  • 15 Wee –Wee Pads  (10.)
  • Collar and Leash Matching (any color and size) (15.)
  • http://www.annespuppies.com/News%20Letters/group3%20001.jpgWater Bottle (12.)
  • Large Eye wipes 70 size (12.)
  • Rubber Toy or Pull (All 6 Toys 40.)
  • Plush Toy (loofa, no stuff or any pick)
  • Latex Toy (customer may pick from available items)
  • Ball Toy
  • Rope Toy                         
  • Mini-ball Toy  (many colors)
  • Two Dog Bowl (ceramic, metal, plastic, your pick )(15.)
  • Two bags of treats or one big bag (15.)
  • Food Mat (6)
  • Pillow  (7.)
  • Door ringer (10.)
  • Shampoo ( many different scents)(12)
  • Grooming Spray( many different scents)(7)
  • Brush(8)
  • Long metal comb(10)
  • Nail Clipper(5)
  • 10 Rubber Bands (2)
  • One Hand-made stiffened Bow (5)
  • Top knot scrunches (2)
  • Infect guard Hand Sanitizer -8oz Kill Germs (4.)
  • Only in Winter Bonus- Sweater ( included free)  (12.)
  • Only in Summer Bonus- Water toy ( included free) (5.)

Bought separately (from me) you would pay 275.  *You save 75.** on Pampered pack w/ puppy                            **Prices have gone up and I have still kept my pricing the same low

Grooming  Puppy Pack*……(alone) 45. 

Puppies need to be warm in winter, we have beds with heaters in them. Usually 89. @ Petco . Our price 40. 

Include microchip- with a lifetime membership for  30.00 more; (Separately is 45. If anyone just wants microchip)

Everything for only 260.

You will have tons of stuff to get you started on the right path for success.

No annual fee... includes a life-time enrolment.

 This deal is unheard off.....and is not at any vets or elsewhere W/O an annual fee.


Every Thing You need we have....or will get for you

We also sell Shih Tzu gifts for all holidays, happy to customize with names or other if needed.

Puppy Stroller is able (pre- ordered) Ask to see at my home      Yes, take your puppy for a walk!!!

  • Water bottles are only 12. with any Pack.. 

  • Fancy porcelain bowls

  • Bows  

  • Sweaters starting @ 7.

  • Lambs Wool Beds

  • Micro-Soft Material Beds

  • Even Convenient Anywhere Beds.  (10.- 25. )  

  • Exercise Pen / Play pen Gold Series 24x24 Mid West 75.

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