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           If you are interested in available puppies. Please go to the welcome page and look for Available Shih Tzu Puppies.     Puppies are born pictures up shortly......

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Future liters Due in 2015:


Not born yet....Still taking Reservations




Reserved Names in order of pick: Received for 2015

**Breeder always gets first pick of any litter; she wants to keep!

  1. Owner always has first pick
  2. Martha Donovan (M,?)waiting
  3. Therera Shaver (Red, F) Waiting

We are still taking early fall litter reservations.

* Wants another Sonshine w/ out.

 more about reservations     Check out the Puppy Packs    Save on Puppy Packs

I have started this page so you will know when the puppies are born and the order you will be picking in. The information on births and pictures will start on this page.

Bullion Board   Welcome ....Please pick and send me name.. 

We will be using a nursery, so you can go there for your information.

Most have picked out their new member of the family......When your deposit is received with in a days you will receive a WELCOME LETTER. That letter will tell you what nursery your new puppy is in...This is where you go for now on. This page will end for you because your NOT on the RESERVE LIST any more. You have picked out your puppy and it is yours.

 If you don't understand or can't find your new NURSERY, I send to you. PLEASE CALL ME I WILL WALK YOU THREW IT.   The next two weeks will be very busy for me, but I will do my best to update you when I can. I thank you ahead of time for your patients as I know it is very hard to wait for pictures and information. God bless you over the next many weeks you will have to wait. Laura

Congratulations on everyone who picked out your puppy today. You have just joined my family..

(315)761-4091            *****    *******Link to PICTURES

Nursery one    Nursery Four k

Nursery Twok

Nursery Threek

Please feel free to ask me questions when you have them.

If born  close together may put up all photos and can pick out of all three liters! Only Time will tell....

Half payment is due within one week of picking out your puppy. Puppy will go back up for picking or open to public, if Payments not received. 

   Sonshines Shih Tzus love will never fade....

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This link is to The American Shih Tzu Club    www.shihtzu.org     

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                         Our Veterinarian.   

All checks made out to Laura miller

At pick-up we only take cash or bank checks

Nursery one  Nursery Two  Nursery Three    Nursery Four   Nursery Five 




Reserve Information:  Reserves are while the  mother is still pregnant.

* Reservation puppy not born yet!         

Reserve Special....Reserve for only 100. accepted toward any puppy not already born. Reserved price would be Parti's and Solids are 1050.

(Savings of 150. or more during the busy months when puppies are in high demand). Reservation gets you on the list.  Full price  for Solid Black is 1200. and Solid White is 1500. We do not take reservation on them but may be added to a waitlist for free.*Prices shown with limited AKC Papers 

 Reserve -Puppy is not born yet!    more about reservations

 Print this off and send with Reservation!

Reservations helps us to contact those who are serious about owning one of our Shih Tzu..    

We will have many exotic colors  (Pups stay at least 8 weeks after birth) 

     Send a non-refundable $ 100. MONEY ORDERS ONLY  to reserve a puppy not born yet! Please print above, fill out and mail with your deposit, Thank-you…We will let you know of all births. (Reserve and Deposits are good for one year and non-refundable) If the puppy you want is not born you will move to the next liter due.             

    When you purchase the puppy  your final payment will deduct the cost of the RESERVE fee.    * We do not reserve Silver or All White Puppies, They are always full price.

  Print this off and send with Reservation

 Reservations helps us to contact those who are serious about owning one of our Shih Tzu..  more about reservations