....News Letter # 2   Sonshine Shih Tzu  

  What do I need at pickup or before my puppy comes home?

Below is what I recommend, You may use other thing if you prefer.

  1. Water bottles it keeps the water off the face and with a short nose like the Shih Tzu it makes their face stay dry and cleaner. I have for 10.00 Play Pen- Is a low fence that can be shaped into a circle or other shape. It can close of a doorway or stairs.  It makes it so when you are not home the puppy is safe. You can see your puppy at all times: I like this better then a crate. I have for 80.00 Save 5.00 Only 75.00

  2.  Kennel Cab- I do not recommend crate train your puppy to sleep in this.. When this young, the puppy will cry in the crate. Puppy can not see you and doesn’t want to go to the bathroom in the crate. A puppy can not hold their bladder all night. Some take up to 6-8 months. The cab could be used just for travel or for the puppy’s bed ( Den). It can be put into the play pen with the gate open so he or she can come out and potty. I rather see you use the Play Pen and / or crate for sleeping because the puppy can see you and have room to potty, play and sleep. I have new for 25.  

  3. Dog Food- helps keep your puppy healthy and helps him to grow. A premium dog food is a must. Look at the first ingredients on the dog food. Is it Meat?…Chicken, liver, lamb or Beef. If not throw it out!!! Your puppy is a meat eater. Not livestock trying to fatten up.   Rice, corn, barley are not good for your puppy. I recommend Pro Plan made by Purina and/or Sensible Choice made by Royal Canin. They now have a New  food made just for Shih Tzus that help with there sensitive skin and nutrients that their body needs made for individual breeds.  I have extra food for sale too. I will also be adding a food page shortly to the website. Special water bottle and 6 lbs of Pro Plan Puppy food.

  4. Heating Pad- One from Wal-Mart is is fine..I have heated beds. Leave on 24-7.Summer months you may turn off.

Save on Puppy Packs   I have these things to help save you money. Most are @ or near my cost. Packs save you even more.


Why I recommend the Play Pen or Exercise Pen?

           The playpen fits all these requirements the Puppy Needs

            1- A place to eat- hard food and water 24/7. Try to keep it is the same place always.

            2- A place to sleep, Your puppy will sleep a lot when you bring it home. Needs to be kept warm all the time.

            3-A place to potty- Paper, liter box, pee pads or they will use your rugs.

            4- A place to play area toys, bones, pull ropes etc. I will give you many of the things you will need for the first week. The playpen (exercise pen) fits all these requirements.

I know there is a lot to understand. I’m am expert on the Shih Tzu. What works for other breeds may not work on a Shih Tzu. Your new baby is a royal lap dog. Questions can be written down and asked when you pick-up puppy. If something is unclear and requires a short reply, you may e-mail, but if to long I'll call you..

How long can my puppy stay in the exercise enclosure?

         If you set up your 4 stations and change the toys and put fun things for the puppy to play with and learn. You can use the pen while your at work (8-10 hours, but can accommodate the puppy 24 hours, but it needs human companionship and to be looked in on).  You use it when you need it. But you will want to play and watch TV with the puppy. These kind on dogs are breed for companion. Meaning they want to be with you so take in the car or walks often. They can get enough exercise in an apartment. However, roll a small ball (I give you) and let her zoom around the home.

Will my puppy cry a lot?

         Remember this puppy has never been outside before and has always had the mother or her essence around. It may not seem like a lot to you but it is a big change in the puppy’s life. Loosing siblings that it has been around for his/her whole life. It takes a good 3 days and night for the puppy to get use to new surroundings. Don’t pick the puppy up when cries, wait until quiet. They will wrap you around their paw fast enough.

I do not like the mesh light weight round pop-up enclosure. Please do not get or use them. You will not like it as the puppies can get right threw it after a few days.


                                        (Next week I will talk to you about potty training)