.....News Letter # 1   Sonshine Shih Tzu  

 First everyone should have received a e-mail, Welcoming you to The Nursery! So the questions are pouring in and I know most of the questions are the same.  Therefore, I will address everyone at the same time.

When can I see my puppy?

            You must schedule an appointment to see puppies after it's 6 weeks old and has first shot. Then I will send you directions. You must also e-mail or call for conformation the night before. Please do not stop and ask to see any puppy: with out an appointment. In today’s world there are so many problems that are air-born. Whole liters have died from us trying to please one person. I can not nor, will not show any puppy earlier. Since you have picked me for your breeder you need to trust me.  If you look over the Internet…No reputable breeder will allow you to see a puppy before 6 weeks. They also must have  their first shot. I will tell you more when that is as time gets closer.

When can I pick-up my puppy??  

                        It is very hard at this point to give you an exact date…every puppy learns things at different times. Usually 8-10 weeks. However; I have had a few stay till 12 weeks. If you have a have certain date that’s the only time you can pick-up your puppy make it around 10 weeks. I know many like to take a few days off from work and need to clear it with their bosses. That's fine but I must make sure that  the puppy is able to leave my care. There are certain steps it needs to master before it goes to a new home. The other thing that helps is  picking-up the puppy on a Friday or Saturday. You’ll have a few nights before going back to work.  The puppy will whine usually for three or four night.   

        When we start weaning, I will notify everyone individually or by the Nursery, when the puppy can go home. You always welcomed to leave the puppy a few weeks longer, if needed. Please check out my accessories page because I can save you money on crate and toys etc.


What do I need to get for my puppy before he /or she comes home?

      First, if you reserved a puppy , you have 8 weeks before he/ or she goes home so STOP.

                       Take a breath and read alot, figure our how you want to train your new puppy.

      Please read next weeks before you go out and buy things. The News Letter  will explain alot; then you can start figure things out as you go. I can also save you from the pet store's high mark up prices. I have reasonable Kennel Crates for travel. It is also fine when gone for a few hours a day.

      However, I recommend PLAY-PEN OR EXERCISE pens if your going to be at work or out for more than two hours. The puppy will need this safe place to eat, sleep , play and potty will your at work or sleeping.         (I WILL EXPLAIN MORE LATER in next weeks letter)

Where do I get that pet food?              Read.......   *New      Dog Food

             Do not look for dog food in a grocery store. Grocery Stores sell people food ; that is for you and usually not good for your dog. I sell extra dog food too.  The pet store- sells Quality Dog Food.             

Should I buy my dog food from the Veterinarian?

                        I would say no. They are not in the dog food business…Vets receive a commotion off what they sell. I have never used their brands. However, remember to see if  meat is  first. This is only my suggestion, you can decide to use their food; if is your choice.  

How often will my puppy eat?

I will go over eating schedule at pickup, but usually - 3 X a day.


When do I switch to adult food?

            Not till the puppy is over 6-8 months of age.


 *Next weeks letter- will tell you what items would be good to have before your new puppy goes home.