.........News Letter # 4      Sonshine Shih Tzu

            Shots, Worming and Neutering

Puppy comes with  the first shot it is a five way puppy shot by Vangard at 6-7 weeks of age. They see the vet at this time and get a complete physical. (Ears, eyes, heart, teeth, testis and body) I will give you a medical report and folder when you pick-up your puppy.

Then 3-4 weeks later they need the second shot. If in my care The second shot is 15.00. My actual cost and will be added to puppy at pick-up

 Then 3-4 weeks later third shot which will be the last one, totaling three shots in all. If in my care  will be 15.00 also added at pick-up if in my care when needed.

***There has to be a total of three shots in three months time to be full protected from airborne diseases. I recommend keeping the dog in the house until he is FULLY protected.****

                                Once a year you get a booster…

Rabies is a must (check on age with your vet) You can go to state wide county clinic and get the shot for 5.00 . Call the health department and find out where they will be…one then; one a year later that will protect your puppy for three years. Save your receipt in with your other papers.

I’m not a vet, but I know alot just by experience. There are many other shots and you can talk with your vet and see what is helpful in your area. You do not need some of these shots. Talk to your vet or he will just give you every shot out there, even ones you do not need. The same dosage is given to a Shih Tzu as a Great Dane. Never give Leptospirosis. This shot can kill your Shih Tzu. It is for contact with deer urine. . If you are not planning on hunting or camping in the woods with your dog…you will not need it.

Your dog will not have been out side until you pick it up. I paper-train every puppy before they leave. A small box will be easy to clean and protect your puppy from the world of viruses. Yes, There are airborne viruses every where including your car.

  Upper Repertory Infection  (known as a cold)

Shih Tzus leaving our home where they have enjoyed the comfort, warmth of an enclosed home environment. Are now entering the big world of microscopic germs and air born viruses, could catch a cold, easily. Shih Tzu already have a small nose. Sneezing, snorting and teething will increases how you see them breath. You will see bubbles, sniffing, snorting, some mouth breathing, moisture and/ or nasal spraying. This is common for Shih Tzus. However, to much is not. Many times a vet when checking over a Shih Tzu just automatically say, "URI" . Sometimes it may be, other times could be the stress from moving.

+Stress causes anti-bodies to be weaken, making it easier for a virus to enter and effect a puppy. Plus the puppy dose not have all it's shots; so it is very easy for them not to have the strength to fight a virus just because it is so young.              

+ Antibiotics will help and your puppy will feel better in just a few days. Finish all your medicine. Antibiotics will not hurt your puppy, but are not always need, unless you see your puppy has no energy and is defiantly under the weather.  Do not take chances, do what ever is need to keep the puppy well. 

Keep your puppy warm a heating pad especially in winter, but also on summer evenings. A puppies average tempter is 102. A humans is 97, there is a big difference in you feeling warm and a puppies being warm. Many puppies receive shots within days of leaving or the day they go home. You need to remember they are getting a small amount of a virus, so the body can fight it and get stronger.


Worming will be done at 6 weeks of age and at 8 weeks; with Pyrantel, before you pick up your new puppy. You will receive a Health Record with your puppy. Also my Vet will examine every puppy and will have a wellness record. If there is anything wrong with your puppy, I will tell you when I find out. I do not believe in hiding any problem…I want you to have many happy and healthy years with your new companion. Your puppy will need a stronger wormer usually Strongest-T or Albon. You can have a stool tested to know exactly if the puppy needs. I will have stool tested at my vet, but they may not have matured to the stage of elimination threw feces yet. This is gross, no one likes worms, but it is very common and easily eliminated with a pill or liquid. Some puppies may have had Albon, but remember it is very easy for a litter of puppies to pass it too each other. I do not worm for Tape worm. Need to do that with your vet. Unless I have told you under certain conditions like puppy staying for a holiday. Usually 5.00 more a worming..


                                             Picking the right Vet

        Last thing is make sure you have a vet you can talk to …You will be spending time, money, your love and affection with this person. You will trust him with your baby.  Find one you like and stick with him or her. You know your dog best, so speak up if you know there is something wrong. Besides you’re paying for quality service, and you’re going to need it over the next 10-15 years. Do not get surgery on things that are common in Shih Tzus. Talk to me first.  If you do need any surgery, get everything done at the same time after 6 months of age.

        Many of you will be picking up your puppy soon. Please schedule and reconfirm that before you come. I look forward to hearing from you anytime. I love e-mails and pictures. God Bless.

    I pray you are as blessed as I am to have shared this wonderful experience of getting your new companion. I also believe god fits the puppy with the right family every time.


Now that you are this puppy’s parent you are depended on providing all his/ or her needs. You determine what kind of dog this puppy will be when it is older. Take great care in encouraging good behavior.  Discourage bad behavior. It may seem funny now, but how do you want your dog to act in a year.

The American Shih Tzu Club   www.shihtzu.org      

Please read over this site so you know and understand your new Shih Tzu.                Our Veterinarian