........News Letter #3     Sonshine Shih Tzu

                                Potty Training

       I want my puppy to go to the bathroom outside. If I let him go on paper, how do get him to go outside?

            Dogs learn quickly to potty outside the hard part is teaching them to constantly go on the paper. When they leave here they have already begun there training. Most puppies only need a little reinforcement to keep up the constancy.  You need a certain spot even when the puppy gets bigger that if you’re on the phone, they have a safe place to go. If you do not give him a safe place he will pick:  an alternative a place to potty you do not see. I will talk with each of you individually when you come and tell you what stage your puppy is in.   The other reason why you need to keep the puppy in the house until it is fully protected from diseases that could make him sick or even die. The puppy needs all 3 shots in 3 months to have immunity build up in his body so these diseases can not hurt him.

    Can the puppy sleep with me?

                        The puppy will need a few months or more; to be able to hold his bladder all night. He can sleep with you but will pee on you too. I recommend the first two months you have the puppy to let it sleep in the play- pen. When you see he is able to hold himself all night you can try your bed.  Your puppy at first will try and play with you, as he is use to sleeping alone. But after a few nights he’ll realize when lights are out it is time to sleep. It is OK to play a little before you go to sleep this will help the puppy to wind down. In the morning put puppy immediately where you want him to go potty (Play Pen or Outside) .

Can the puppy ride in the car?

            Yes, He may get sick a few time, but after a while he will get use to traveling. When you ask him if he wants to go for “a ride”, He’ll get all happy. Shih Tzus can learn many words they are very smart. They seem to understand more and be intuitive then bigger dogs that just want to play all the time. He’ll watch TV, Wait for you to get done with a shower, sit at your feet when you do the dishes and always want to be with you most of the time. You are going to be the most important thing in your puppy’s life.

Can my puppy be around other (not in the home) dogs?

          I would wait for your introduction to other peoples pets. ***There has to be a total of three shots in three months time to be full protected from airborne diseases. I recommend keeping the dog in the house until he is FULLY protected.****

I have a dog already , how do I get them use to each other?

      The first day let your dog feel out this new interruption; in their regular routine. If he wants to play a little let them but after 10-15 minutes remove the new puppy. Put into her exercise pen. Even if they want to visit longer the first time "Do Not" Because you want the first time for your older dog to be wanting more. The dog will remember and if the puppy bothered him to long he will not look forward to their next time together. If he just wants to sniff or look at what's up, let him. Then a few hours you can keep doing this but for short period of times the first day. Then gradually over the week it can be longer.  By the end of the week you older dog will be waiting for her to come out and play. Always give you first dog attention then the puppy. Slow is good, and before you know it they will be best buddies.

When should I bath my puppy?

            When it’s dirty, but completely blow dry him or her.

When do I get first cut?

            When you feel he needs it. At 6-8 months the puppy hair will begin to change to adult hair during this time more grooming is needed. This dose seems like the time most cut into a puppy cut.  A puppy cut will give you at least an inch of hair left on your baby.

How often do I get her groomed?

        First, comb and brush often ,While watching TV even; fell her mouth, paws, ears. Clean out her eyes every morning and if possible brush her teeth at night. ( I have when you pick-up your puppy for purchase everything) Then feel it out. Some do it monthly; other every 6 -8 weeks or you could try it. I like long hair, maybe you want to try that. You can even put a bow in every few days if want to. You will see all different length of hair on our dogs. Find what you like best.  However at 5-8 months of age the hair will change to adult hair. During this time they need more grooming not to mat.


        I fell you need to make this decision with your vet…Most vets say, yes it is best.  

   However; make sure you know that the dog’s life becomes shorter and will have obesity later than or as soon as 5 years old.  Males; usually not …. around females will squat to pee. The female competition is what makes him lift his leg. We do not recommend neutering, if you’re going to keep your pet with you at all times. That is another reason why a male is nice because you do not have to worry about heat cycle.

You need to always be with your dog when not in your house. These dogs are not to be left unattended for hours outside....

                                       (next week we will talk more on shots, worming and neutering)