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We have a N.Y  Dealers License # 00717

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       F.A.Q about Breeder ?                Meet Us- 40 Years of Love 

1969-still hanging in  there!

We now take all major credit cards- 4 % added.

We are on Facebook look for us under Sonshine Shih Tzu, Please join our page and get up-dates on what is going on with us.

We have several older dogs to place please let me know if interested........

The lord has guided us to produce the best possible companions for you. (healthy, no inbreeding) Our puppies will bless you and love you.

We have focused our experience and knowledge on breeding the most loving, calm, independent, intelligent and still follow AKC guidelines, over the past 44 years; Shih Tzus only.

                Because we feel they are the absolutely best pet!                    Why?

 It takes more than putting two dogs together to get the such a increditable out come. Our temperament has taken years to bring you sweet, non- barking, loving companions for all ages. I love the opportunity to show of our life's work.  Please call and set up an appointment today. Hopefully, to see your next new family member.

        I am a second generation breeder, I have taken my mothers knowledge and put it to work!  I have devoted over half of our home to seeing our pets have everything they would ever need or want. I'm always finding ways to improve the health, better practices, follow current laws, cleaning with the safest materials and keeping as much natural as possible, but still improving with newest technology. I'm there for every birth, cut every cord, pull, push, turn, clean, breath life into every puppy. I thank god daily for all his gifts.

Home # in New York (315) 761-4091

40 th Gathering


We received another award....




 "We are not hobby breeders!"     This is our life !!!

Worlds smallest Shih Tzu.....Has found a wonderful home...All our blessing go with her.


4 months old and only 1 lb....