......Great Shih Tzu Names (and their meaning)

Most Japanese

     pet names are based off of certain things that are rich in their culture such as special meanings, special words, and exotic parts of the land, exotic flowers and famous people in Japanese history.

Whichever name you prefer, you can always do research on it to find out the true meaning and origin. If you are looking for ideas to base your Japanese pet names from, here are some common pet names for cats, dogs or any other pet that are derived from Japanese words:

Aiko - little love
Aki - born in Autumn
Akiko - autumn child
Anda - meet at the field
Akina - spring flower
Ayame - iris
Aneko- older sister
Chiko - arrow
Chika - near
Chiyo - eternal
Cho - butterfly
Dai - great
Eriko - child with a collar
Gin -silvery
Haruko - spring child
Hoshi - star
Haru - born in the spring
Hana - flower
Hoshiko- star child
Hisa - long lasting
 Kameko - child of the tortoise,   long life
Kami - Lord
Kaede - maple leaf
Kaya - adds a place of resting
Kei - rapture, reverence
Keiko -adored one
Kimi - she who is without equal
Kumi - braid, drawing together
Kuri - chestnut
Kita - north
Kumiko - companion child
Kohana - little flower
Koto - harp
Leiko - arrogant
Kuni - meaning unknown
Kyoko - mirror
Toya - house door
Tsuyu - morning dew
Yoshiko - good child
Yone - meaning unknown
Nariko - gentle child
Nami - wave
Natsuko - summer child
Nori - two trees
Nyoko - gem
Oki - middle of the ocean
Ran - water lily
Rei - gratitude
Sachiko - child of bliss
Suki - beloved
Sakura - cherry blossums
Shika - door
Suzu - long lived
Shina - virtue, good
Sumi - clear, refined
Taka - tall, honorable
Takara - treasure, precious object


These are just a few of the most popular Japanese pet names, and there are also variations of many of the names which can be personalized from you to your pet. Whichever you decide from these beautiful names, you will surely be giving your special pet a name as unique as they are. Japanese culture strongly believes in the meaning and virtue of names, and by choosing to adorn your pet with a name you are showing that this is not just any ordinary pet, but one that bears a special meaning to you and in your life as well.


Asian or Chinese

names for your Shih Tzu :

Names for Shih Tzu can be fun to come up with.  If you just got a new Shih Tzu puppy congratulations. 


  • Al: love, affection, friendly
  • Bai:  white, pure
  • Bao: treasure, precious
  • Bo: wave
  • Chang: flourishing, prosperous
  • Choa: surpass
  • Chen: morning
  • Chin
  • Chun: spring
  • Da: attain, achieve
  • Dong: pillar, beam
  • Fen: fragrance
  • Fu: wealthy, lotus
  • Gang: strong
  • Guo: country
  • Hai: sea
  • He: river, lotus
  • Hong: great, vast
  • Hua: magnificent, flower
  • Huan: happy, joyous
  • Hui: intelligent, wise
  • Jai: good, fine
  • Jian: strong, healthy
  • Jiang: river
  • Jin: gold, metal, money
  • Jing: perfect, clear
  • Jun: supreme ruler, talented
  • Kun: earth
  • Lan: orchid
  • Li: dawn, logic, reason
  • Lin: fine jade, gem
  • Ling: alert, quick
  • Mei: beautiful
  • Min: clever, sharp
  • Ming: shining, bright, clear
  • Ning: peaceful, tranquil
  • Ping: peaceful, level
  • Rong: harmonious
  • Ru: scholar
  • Shu: kind, gentle
  • Wei: great, mighty
  • Wu: military, martial
  • Xiang: to soar, lucky
  • Xiu: beautiful, elegant
  • Ya: elegant



As you can see Asian names for Shih Tzu can be very original.   

 I encourage you to take some time an pick out an original name you will be able to enjoy over the dogs life and after.