.... General   Knowledge 

Grooming          Non- Shedding & Non- Allergic 

Shih Tzu has two layers of coat, causing one to tangle the other; if not groomed every few days. Depending on if you prefer the short puppy cut or long flowing hair will determine the time it takes for grooming. Shih Tzu hair doses not absorb pollen, therefore they are considered “Non-Allergic” Breed. Can some one still have allergies? Yes, But is not common.

    Most send the dog to a professional groomer every other month or sooner. Depending on how long your going to keep the dogs hair will determine how often. The groomer will do the ears, eyes and nails. If you want to learn how to do it there are many books and I'm happy to answer questions on what is best to do. You should learn to give your dog a bath. Save the face for last and be careful not to get water in nose. This is some thing Shih Tzu tend to not like is a face full of water. It can make it hard for this short-nose breed to breath. Eyes should be looked at and cleaned daily. Keep a shedding comb near;  where you sit to watch TV. You can comb your dog then. You  will find if done often he'll enjoy combing time. Teeth should be brushed often. Shih Tzu tend to retain there baby teeth quiet often. Chews will help keep teeth cleaner.


Quiet        Non- Hyper & Non- Yippy

 Our Shih Tzus are quiet only barking when they feel unsafe or strangers come knocking. Shih Tzu will not bark for hours with a reason like a Yorkie does. They are "Non- Hyper" infact is the only recognized Toy Breed to be “ considered calm”.


                    CREATE  A DEN

Many people don’t understand how important it is for your puppy to have a safe area that is all there own. This space is a refuge away from other people in the house. This is your puppy’s DEN. A place they know no one will bother them. A place to rest, chews on a bone, and enjoy their favorite toy and blanket.


     When leaving the home for a few hours use this so the puppy will not get into any thing that could harm them. Puppies can chew or eat something that could inflict harm or even death. A den will help  keep your puppy safe. We use and love play pens. A low changeable flexible panels of fencing. Puppies can not just have free run of your home. They need structure and safety.

                 KEEP YOUR PUPPY ON A SCHEDULE                 

            Your puppy is like a child:

     They need to know the schedule….So they can rely on you to feed an take outside regally. Many have a special play time- after dinner- before settling in for the long night. You and your puppy should come up with a schedule that will accommodate both your needs. It’s O.K. to be flexible with in a reasonable amount of time. However, the more consistent you are; the greater the pup will try to please you.

    Stores like Wal-Mart have on- the spot tag makers…


                                  PUPPIES NEED TO CHEW

            If you do not give them bones or chews they will find something in you home to chew.

    Baby teeth come out and they need help. Older dogs need to help clean there teeth and chew help keep much of the tarter down. If you can get in a habit of brushing there teeth. 

   Hard food will help in cleaning the teeth. Have free food and clean water available always.

             Pull Ropes, Pig ears, Nylabone bones work well too.

                                  POTTY TRAINING

Some of the smaller  breeds are hard to house train. The Shih Tzu can be one of those breeds. Our puppies are already paper-trained so this makes it very simple to house train. Just follow these few short guidelines.


They need to be let out every few hours and watched. When they go potty outside make a big deal of it… “What a good doggie” and a treat. If they go in the house say .. “No” and give no treat.

Your new Shih Tzu really want to please you. Your their mommy now. Make it clear what you expect from him or her. Many customers like that our Shih Tzu are already paper trained. If a small  plastic box with paper or a wee pad is put down. Your pup can use it in emergencies Your puppy  will still go out side, but now he'll have a place to go if someone forgets to take him or her out.         They want to please you!

Once they know what makes you happy they will want to do it. They also love to play…they get short burst of energy and get all excited when your happy and talk baby talk with them.  “Want a treat, ball, toy, car ride, outside, come, go,  get it, beg, sit, stay are only a few of the words they will learn fast. Your pup is now a member of the family; he’ll need a proper feeding schedule, walks, and bed time.

                            Male VS. Female    

Which sex is better....Do you know the truth about the Shih Tzus? Catch the puppy and find out more.

Males....easy going, doesn't seek all the attention, loving 24-7, unless used for breeding my males squat to pee, will lie down for hours no mater what is going on in the house, obedient, playful, trusting and will just melt into your hands.

Females.....Attention seekers, have to be the center of it, wants to be involved in everything going on around them, Fun, come in heat twice a year during this time usually doesn't get along with other females (some males), doesn't want to share, usually the alpha, runs the show, royalty, airy,  stubborn, determine to get her way; but knows when; and how to be sweet.

This is what I have found out over 43 years of living with Shih Tzus. However, every dog is unique and all are not the same this is my opinion from my experiences. I prefer a males personality.  Shih Tzu males are considered the better pet. Ask questions to find out about each puppy's individual personality.

                             SPAY AND NEUTERING

                          WE DO NOT MAKE YOU SPAY OR NEUTER YOUR PET  - You should decide with your vet what is best, However we give you information you can read if that is what is best for you and your family.  

    We let you decide what would be best for you and your pet. Talk to your Vet, he can help you decide what would be the proper action to take. However; you only receive limited registration on pet puppies that where sold locally at half price*. 

        If you just want a pet...and there will be no breeding of pet, nor any showing....limited registration is great for you, because you pay less, Yes, almost half price, but you still receive the best  quality pet.*Prices are shown @ limited

                      Health.... (Common Problems)

  • The eyes can get injured  easily, so that should be a daily must. Common things include red eye, ulcers, eye pop- out of sockets, and infections.

  • Hernias are very common- most will go away with age

  • Liver Shunt

  • Hypoglycemia or / and Diabetes

  • Skin or Allergies- One in every seven

  •  Teeth Problems- because of the pushed in nose and crowding of mouth Because they can retain the baby teeth. Still have 42 teeth in a small space.

  • Heavy Breathing Snoring, Pinch nose (grow out of) Sleeping on back

  • There can be major problems if the parents are not good healthy, breeding stock. Only the best dogs should be bred, because the parent plays  out what the puppy will become .Kidneys, Retina Dysplasia, Hips, Knee, Bone spurs and many other things . Please read Shih Tzu Website to find out more.  www.shihtzu.org   


      We do not believe anyone should just take two dogs and breed them together and hope for a good out come. We know threw testing, confirmation, personality and 40 years of experience; what our out come will be. Please do not ask me to breed your pet. Your pet is just that a pet. If it was adopted to be a pet, don't put it threw the breeding process. No dog needs to have a litter. It is very painful. It takes alot of years off your dogs life. They need to be conditioned, special nutrition, extra vet care, and tested. Before ever even considering the possibility. The breeder needs to know what to look for and how to help a mother so the puppies are safe and sound. Shih Tzus have alot of difficulties in birthing.             

           Do not put it threw pain, hardship, unnecessary for your pet. Therefore-we do not give breeding right to pets. However we will sell breeding rights to  dog if arranged and approved; in advance. All  Full rights, are on my approval only. I can tell you if the dog will make a good parent. Then You have the people saying "It's a natural process". Maybe if out in the wild, for the existence of the species. However there are excellent experienced breeders . Shih Tzus are here to stay, there seems to be no danger of this species dying off. Thank God You can enjoy your pet for it's companionship and bring you years of joy.

     The short of it is don't breed your pet, have years of love with it instead!


 Showing is a wonderful fun activity.    It is very time consuming and       "We have been there; done that!"

    We prefer to introduce champions to our line that will compliment the personalities and structure that AKC has set up. If you would like to see our pedigrees; just ask; if you would like to show. We have several show lines very propitiate and well known.. Many breeders will keep puppies longer to see what show potential they have. Since we are done showing we will allow puppies to go home when ready between 8-12 weeks. If your interested in showing ask me I will help you pick one for the ring!

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