This was her original photos from website over 20 years ago.

       Anne's Puppies started as... Savior's Showcase...               

Gallery is Early Professional Fun Photos of Anne's Puppies-  

Anne was a Shih Tzu Specialist

Anne CARES about the PUPPY and YOU.

Her work with puppies has been a hobby and personal ministry for over 40 years.

In 2004, Anne moved to Florida. Due to aches and pains, ALL of her Shih Tzu are at her daughters. She plans on writing a book. Anne has RETIRED. Send us your stories!!!

Update 11-2008:

Anne is now 73, she talks with her daughter regularly and has a few pets that keep her and her husband company. She has given up traveling and tries to swim whenever the weather permits. She is still writing and we look forward to reading her latest work.

Update 2010:

Anne now still resides in Gulf Breeze, FL. She is still writing mainly to her family. Her son, has joined her Florida house hold. She is praising god every day being a warrior  for Christ in her own way.

Update 2011:

Anne passes away in the end of June 2011. She requested no funeral, but instead wanted every one to rejoice that she would be with her lord and savior. Her daughter, Laura will carry on her legacy. Anne would like to be remembered for her book, "The Flying Parson". Her dedication to breeding the most loving and healthy Shih Tzu for over 40 years. On Her birthday, Aug.11, Her family sprinkled her ashes in  Oneida Lake, near Sylvan Beach , NY. Laura will follow in her footsteps!!!!

   2004....I have always been only a stone through away from my mom: until now. For the first time in my life my mom is hundreds of miles away.

  I am very thankful for our relationship. My mom, Anne, has taught me the value of life. That life with out a Shih Tzu would be unbearable for me.

           Since my mom was a breeder all my life. Shih Tzu where around always.  WE have owned this incredible line for over 46years.

   Picture from  December 1984

A.K.C. recognized the breed Shih Tzu in 1969.......My mother decided that this was the bred she wanted to be known for. Anne was particular to have the best. Below are some of her puppies from the beginning. All ancestors where D.N.A. and genetically tested. Anne wanted the best and gave the best. She was a strong willed woman who knew what she was doing and has passed her knowledge down to her daughter.  Born in 1965, daughter has excelled to learn even more and it is a never ending process. We love what we do; each puppy is our baby before, you can even lay eyes on them. This is a labor of love, long hours and god has given us the strength to do everyday of our life.