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                * this is Sonshine's philosophy and beliefs. My words are  meant to educate those who need this knowledge. If you feel your feeding appropriately  only change if  it will benefit you or your dog. I want you to be aware of what will keep your dog healthy, so you can have many years of pleasure from your Shih Tzu.

                 How important is your dogs food?

        The food your dog digests gives him or her life. Food  providing energy to all it's cells. Properly functioning cells make a body stronger. Dogs that do not receive adequate nutrients developed multiple problem. I believe dogs developed many of these problems because of the lack of meat and nutrients need to keep everything functioning accurately.  

    Some allergies are caused by grains in the dog foods. Dogs were not born to live on grain. They are   connivers (meat eaters) their stomach was not intended to digest grains. Grain is a filler, having very little nutritional value for a dog's body.

                Shih Tzus look best with their long, flowing hair.

        When it's healthy hair keep it's endurance; length, shine, brittleness and coloring. A dog should eat food that will provide the proper nutrients need to grow it's hair. Keeping your dog's  immune system, healthy and strong provides your dog has a better chance to  fight off diseases.  Cancer is showing up regularly now in dogs, because of chemicals, artificial colors and flavors. Many dogs are over weight; so early in there adult life.

     Why You ask? Over weight is caused by the food and little exercise, many contain to much fat and not enough of the healthy oils, need for the body. Oxygen is used by the cells to  change and grow. Food is just as important. Premium food will provide a long, healthy, strongly and happy life. This is what we all want for our dogs Dog food help and maintains that life, by giving him the proper balance of what his body needs to be strong. Your new puppy needs more protein and calories, for at least, the first 6 months of life. This healthy new beginning will lay a foundation for your puppy later in life.   

      If you put junk in; junk is what you get out. Some lack the knowledge of what  good food is or how to find premium food. Many people buy expensive food thinking they are getting something good.              However, it is filled with fillers, dyes, corn meal, artificial colorings, artificial flavors, feet, skin, fat and chemicals.  This is why there is all the problems mentioned above and more.

    I believe in giving my dogs meat.....Many days I cook up some chicken or beef and mix it into their hard food.  All my mothers are all served two serving of meat a day, a daily dose of protein, bone meal for calcium, brewers yeast, raspberry leaves and hard food as much as they need or want. This is called Free Feed. Food is available for them 24 hours a day.

         Everyone needs to check the first ingredient. Just like you would in your own food. It should read chicken, lamb, beef or liver as the top ingredient. If it says corn, wheat or barley as the first ingredient; I would not buy it. The labels are there to provide us with information about what our dog is eating. The first thing on the label is the most important thing in the dog's food.

    Thing that are good for you don't always taste the best. Artificial flavor enhancers like bacon, cheese and liver are found in many grocery store dog food. However, none of it is real meat.. None- of it provides a good healthy protein for your dog. But if given the choice most people pick the fruity artificial colors and artificial snappy zing of no nutrition. Your dog will eat the good stuff, you just need to educate yourself and give it proper or no other choice.

Why can't I just let him eat what he wants?

        Your a human.....( be smart) you see what is not benefiting your dog in the long run. You and  your dog will pay for it with his health, shorter life span and missed years of companionship you could have shared if feed wisely.


            Brands I recommend for your Shih Tzu:

        I hope this has made some of you think....good food may cost more, but your little Shih Tzu will not eat much and will be worth  every cent over time. The two dog brands of food I recommend is Sensible Choice (8 or more years) or the New Shih Tzu Breed By Royal Canine (New) and Pro Plan small breed formula by Purina. I just started using Pro Plan in January of 2006. These also provide DHA which is found in mothers milk and stimulates the brain for better development. I could also go on and tell you how it boosts the Immune System, helping it to fight of viruses. That the right balance of oils will keep their skin and coat system, healthy and shining. The dogs stomach can handle the food threw the digestive system easier than some other brand. Instead' I hope you find out for yourself; with the companion of a happy, healthy Sonshine Shih Tzu.

Understanding Ingredients

Dog food is not all the same. Look at the ingredient in your dog food....

First Four Ingredients in Dog Food*

  • Meat is Chicken, Beef, Liver, Lamb (Best #1)
  • Chicken Meal: chicken which has been ground or otherwise reduced in particle size. Although better than chicken by-product meal, chicken meal is generally a lesser quality of protein source than chicken meal. (Better)
  • Chicken by-product meal- Below is ground up into a small partials, easier to digest, but not very high in nutrition or protein. (O.K.)
  • Poultry-by -products- is beaks, legs, toes, eyes, wings, neck, skin, etc. (Bad ) 
* Pro Plan Puppy Chicken Brewers Rice Poultry-by -products Corn


* Royal Canin Mini-Puppy-Mini Chicken Meal Chicken Corn gluten Meal Brewers Rice
* Eukanuba  (Natural) Lamb Brewers Rice Corn Meal Fish Meal
Bill - Jac Chicken-by-products Chicken Corn Chicken-by-products meal
Pedigree Adult Corn Poultry-by -products Wheat Meat and Bone Meal
Naturally Complete Whole Grain Corn Chicken Meal Beef Whole Wheat
Diamond Puppy Poultry-by -products Corn Rice Flour Chicken Fat
* Pet Promise Chicken Brewers Rice Corn gluten Meal Oat Meal
Remember to follow this step:

    1) Look at the first ingredient to be meat, before you buy the dog food.

    2) Chicken is better than Lamb. Use Lamb as a treat minimally.

   3) Look for DHA - smarter puppies

   4) Make sure you are using Small Breed Formula                      

         Our puppies are so smart you will be amazed what they can do. Within a few hours from leaving my home to adjusting to your home.. Please send me your Pro Plan circles   from the bag....Thank-you You will receive a small gift from me if you send them.

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